55 and Fabulous!

Let me start by saying that this is not an article I ever saw myself writing.

I work and live in Los Angeles and have established myself as a photographer, specializing in boudoir.
My parents, on the other hand, work and live in the greater Philadelphia area. I grew up there with my Dad, a school teacher and Mom, a reflexologist and elderly care specialist. They are both avid Harley Davidson’s riders and my dad is a total car guy to boot. Like “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” from the show Home Improvement, my Dad is our very own “Handy Andy”. They are your typical “empty nesters” enjoying life together on the East Coast.
My mom recently made her annual winter West Coast visit to see me and showed interest in my photography speciality. I was able to take my mom from flannel to fabulous! I gave her the full boudoir experience starting with hair and makeup; transforming her “plain jane” look to sensual and sexy. We selected her wardrobe and from there, we were ready to go!
 With the final images selected for a special calendar, my Dad was one lucky guy this Valentine’s Day!

It turned out to not only be a gift for my dad, but also a huge step in my mom realizing how beautiful she truly is and always has been.
She was so thrilled with her photos that she suggested I share them with my social media followers to encourage more women her age to take part in the “Boudoir Experience.”

Boudoir Photography was not as popular when my mom was 25 or even 35, so at 55 she had nothing to lose! And she is so glad she did. I even got a Yelp review out of her 🙂

Just remember it’s never to late to treat not only your husband, but yourself to an experience you will never regret!





For information on booking a session, or just getting more information, please email me through my website.

For other places to visit my work :

Instagram: @kaylinmaephoto

Twitter: @kaylinmaephoto


One thought on “55 and Fabulous!

  1. Your work is unusual and very unique. As a photographer, I recognize a good eye. What’s more, the genuine interest you share to make women feel beautiful, is an added blessing as to how you use your gift. Your mother is lovely!

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