What I do and Why I do it!

There are photographers all over the world.  If anything people are saying their is an over abundance of photographers.  So why would an intelligent young adult knowingly go into the field and expect to succeed as a photographer?  I’m going to explain my theory on that and maybe it will inspire you to do something you dream about and are passionate about, but counted out because someone said it would be too hard, or that there are already too many people doing it.  Originality has been a topic of discussion in many fields for years now.  Is there still original music that isn’t inspired by past artists?  Are there photography techniques and styles still yet to be discovered?  Regardless what the answer really is people have to keep trying.  College is expensive! So if you have the opportunity to go to a place of higher education how do you decide what to go for?  Regardless if your parents are paying, your depending on loans, or are going to work your way through the tuition bills it is still putting a burden on you or someone close to you.  And the day you graduate should be the happiest day of your life, you now get to take all the knowledge, insight, and direction that you have been given and implement it into a career you are proud of.  So why would you pursue an education in something your not in love with.  Just because you are smart, good at math, or able to speak multiple languages doesn’t mean you should go into a field specific to those things.  You can use them as assets in a field that you are actually interested in.  College is a learning experience so try something you’ve dreamed about and use everything you already know to broaden your base.  So what I do and Why I do it!  I fell in love with photography in my high school photography classes.  I was an A-B student good at just about everything, but I really enjoyed the work I did in my photo classes.  When it came time to answer the question to Mom and Dad “What are you going to college to study?” I responded with the truth.  “If you guys want me to help pay for my education then I am going to pursue photography!  It makes me happy, keeps me motivated, is constantly growing and changing, and would be something that I would have to work really hard to stand out in.” They were reluctant and to this day still are, but they are so proud that I am following my dreams and entering a field that I will be happy getting up everyday to go to work.  We are in a society of two kinds of people, those who are working to live, and those that are not living to work.  When work becomes fun or at least something you enjoy the line blurs and life becomes enjoyable.  Take pride in what you do.  Everyone gets to decide what they study and explore.  Make it something you are proud of.