Using natural light to create the most sensual boudoir images

Every photographer has something that sets them apart from the rest. There are many tips and tricks that photographers share back and forth. This post is to show one of my tips; utilizing natural light.

I love creating a unique, creative, and sexy session for each boudoir client. These images are from a recent shoot with a client (who was nice enough to allow me to share her images). We mixed super feminine hair and makeup, lacy lingerie, and accessories with harder textures like a bad ass leather jacket. My secret weapon? The combination of those feminine/hard styling and the use of natural lighting.

Studying the way light falls in the space you are taking pictures in is always time well spent. Try it for yourself. Look at the differences in your window light from 10am-5pm. It changes every 30 minutes,  giving a variety of light throughout the day. My studio space’s natural light will be different than yours and that’s the beauty of it. No one place is the same for natural light. Take notes on your space’s light and spend $$ on curtains, sheer drapes, and canopies that can be hung and moved as you see the light shift.

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Men Love the Booty! ©


Leather, Lace, Lingerie, and handcuffs. ©

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©


55 and Fabulous!

Let me start by saying that this is not an article I ever saw myself writing.

I work and live in Los Angeles and have established myself as a photographer, specializing in boudoir.
My parents, on the other hand, work and live in the greater Philadelphia area. I grew up there with my Dad, a school teacher and Mom, a reflexologist and elderly care specialist. They are both avid Harley Davidson’s riders and my dad is a total car guy to boot. Like “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” from the show Home Improvement, my Dad is our very own “Handy Andy”. They are your typical “empty nesters” enjoying life together on the East Coast.
My mom recently made her annual winter West Coast visit to see me and showed interest in my photography speciality. I was able to take my mom from flannel to fabulous! I gave her the full boudoir experience starting with hair and makeup; transforming her “plain jane” look to sensual and sexy. We selected her wardrobe and from there, we were ready to go!
 With the final images selected for a special calendar, my Dad was one lucky guy this Valentine’s Day!

It turned out to not only be a gift for my dad, but also a huge step in my mom realizing how beautiful she truly is and always has been.
She was so thrilled with her photos that she suggested I share them with my social media followers to encourage more women her age to take part in the “Boudoir Experience.”

Boudoir Photography was not as popular when my mom was 25 or even 35, so at 55 she had nothing to lose! And she is so glad she did. I even got a Yelp review out of her 🙂

Just remember it’s never to late to treat not only your husband, but yourself to an experience you will never regret!





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Happy Valentine’s Day! What better than Boudoir Photography….

A glimpse inside one of my recent Valentine Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photography from a recent Valentine’s Session

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am so excited to be able to share a sneak preview from a recent Valentine’s Session.

There are some very lucky men out there this Valentine’s Day.

The link below is to a Yelp Review from this very client’s session.

She was slightly hesitant at first, but with it all said and done she is floating on cloud 9!

Click the link to read her review.

Best Review Yet!



Makeup provided by Elizabeth Moreno




I always recommend women bring something of his to the shoot…













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