MJ Ultra – Thunder [video + MP3]


God damn this is fire emojis. I think this guy is MJ Ultra and his band is ultraLOVE. I’m unclear. But I’m clear that dude got talent. I’m tryna catch him live.

MJ Ultra – Thunder
*shout to Lawrence on the plug

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Using natural light to create the most sensual boudoir images

Every photographer has something that sets them apart from the rest. There are many tips and tricks that photographers share back and forth. This post is to show one of my tips; utilizing natural light.

I love creating a unique, creative, and sexy session for each boudoir client. These images are from a recent shoot with a client (who was nice enough to allow me to share her images). We mixed super feminine hair and makeup, lacy lingerie, and accessories with harder textures like a bad ass leather jacket. My secret weapon? The combination of those feminine/hard styling and the use of natural lighting.

Studying the way light falls in the space you are taking pictures in is always time well spent. Try it for yourself. Look at the differences in your window light from 10am-5pm. It changes every 30 minutes,  giving a variety of light throughout the day. My studio space’s natural light will be different than yours and that’s the beauty of it. No one place is the same for natural light. Take notes on your space’s light and spend $$ on curtains, sheer drapes, and canopies that can be hung and moved as you see the light shift.

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Men Love the Booty! ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com


Leather, Lace, Lingerie, and handcuffs. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com

Boudoir Photography Special

The best way to spice up Father’s Day for your Husband!Image

I have just finished my new boudoir room in Hollywood, Ca.  For the last two years I have been shooting Boudoir in Santa Barbara for a variety of clients.  These intimate boudoir books make the best gifts for any special occasion.  I have created: Valentine’s Day books, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, and the Wedding Night! Why not treat your husband for Father’s Day too.

A Boudoir Session is a very personal thing and can be a little overwhelming to think about.  I make the entire process stress free and fun!  Clients have told me it was better than a day at the spa.  It is a chance to get yourself all dolled up.  I provide full hair and makeup, champagne and fruit, props and accessories, so that all you have to bring is a few pieces of lingerie and your husbands favorite jersey, button down, and tie! The session takes about two hours. We create a set of images to put into the custom hardcover book that you give him for Father’s Day.   If this sounds like something your interested in, please don’t hesitate to call and ask me questions.  Visit my website http://www.kaylinmaephoto.com to look through my entire gallery of Boudoir images.  The Boudoir Special that I am running includes everything if booked by May 30, 2012.  Call Today! 323.929.3969

Hello world! Who am I and What am I doing here?

Blogging is new to me.  I have been reading them for years and following things that interest, inspire, and guide me in the directions I am headed.  Now I want to be a part of the sharing.  I have been jotting notes down for some time now about different topics I want to blog about.  This is my first post, a chance to express my purpose, goals, and ideas for this outlet of creativity.  I want this stuff to be fun to read, helpful in everyday lives, and pertinent to what I do.  Good question, What do you do?  I am a photographer, and I know there are a lot of us out there, but we are all unique in our own way.  I  have a background in competitive acrobatics and dance; which will always be a part of my life and something I hope to photograph and write about.  I am a fully trained restaurant cook, with experience in multiple commercial kitchens and on-set food photography.  Meaning I cook a lot, and create some very unique delicious dishes that I want to share with everyone.  I do not enjoy lots of dishes nor do I have a lot of time.  I am thinking of articles on one dish meals, how to have lunch in ten minutes, and flavorful cooking with limited calories.  I would love to be a food critic, I really enjoy food and the process of eating in a restaurant.  Anyway back to the point.  I will also give my thoughts and ideas on movies, and articles that I find interesting to life and the developments of change our generation is seeing.  I am relatively young in the big picture, but I am intelligent, motivated, and creative.  Autonomy, mastery, and purpose; the business model for business that didn’t exist when the previous models of business were created.  Something interesting to think about.  So yes I am a photographer! I love what I do more and more everyday. I am constantly motivated to learn and now I am prepared to share.