MJ Ultra – Thunder [video + MP3]


God damn this is fire emojis. I think this guy is MJ Ultra and his band is ultraLOVE. I’m unclear. But I’m clear that dude got talent. I’m tryna catch him live.

MJ Ultra – Thunder
*shout to Lawrence on the plug

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Using natural light to create the most sensual boudoir images

Every photographer has something that sets them apart from the rest. There are many tips and tricks that photographers share back and forth. This post is to show one of my tips; utilizing natural light.

I love creating a unique, creative, and sexy session for each boudoir client. These images are from a recent shoot with a client (who was nice enough to allow me to share her images). We mixed super feminine hair and makeup, lacy lingerie, and accessories with harder textures like a bad ass leather jacket. My secret weapon? The combination of those feminine/hard styling and the use of natural lighting.

Studying the way light falls in the space you are taking pictures in is always time well spent. Try it for yourself. Look at the differences in your window light from 10am-5pm. It changes every 30 minutes,  giving a variety of light throughout the day. My studio space’s natural light will be different than yours and that’s the beauty of it. No one place is the same for natural light. Take notes on your space’s light and spend $$ on curtains, sheer drapes, and canopies that can be hung and moved as you see the light shift.

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Men Love the Booty! ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com


Leather, Lace, Lingerie, and handcuffs. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com

Curls, Leather, and Skin. Sexy boudoir photography for every woman. ©www.kaylinmaephoto.com


55 and Fabulous!

Let me start by saying that this is not an article I ever saw myself writing.

I work and live in Los Angeles and have established myself as a photographer, specializing in boudoir.
My parents, on the other hand, work and live in the greater Philadelphia area. I grew up there with my Dad, a school teacher and Mom, a reflexologist and elderly care specialist. They are both avid Harley Davidson’s riders and my dad is a total car guy to boot. Like “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” from the show Home Improvement, my Dad is our very own “Handy Andy”. They are your typical “empty nesters” enjoying life together on the East Coast.
My mom recently made her annual winter West Coast visit to see me and showed interest in my photography speciality. I was able to take my mom from flannel to fabulous! I gave her the full boudoir experience starting with hair and makeup; transforming her “plain jane” look to sensual and sexy. We selected her wardrobe and from there, we were ready to go!
 With the final images selected for a special calendar, my Dad was one lucky guy this Valentine’s Day!

It turned out to not only be a gift for my dad, but also a huge step in my mom realizing how beautiful she truly is and always has been.
She was so thrilled with her photos that she suggested I share them with my social media followers to encourage more women her age to take part in the “Boudoir Experience.”

Boudoir Photography was not as popular when my mom was 25 or even 35, so at 55 she had nothing to lose! And she is so glad she did. I even got a Yelp review out of her 🙂

Just remember it’s never to late to treat not only your husband, but yourself to an experience you will never regret!





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Happy Valentine’s Day! What better than Boudoir Photography….

A glimpse inside one of my recent Valentine Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photography from a recent Valentine’s Session

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am so excited to be able to share a sneak preview from a recent Valentine’s Session.

There are some very lucky men out there this Valentine’s Day.

The link below is to a Yelp Review from this very client’s session.

She was slightly hesitant at first, but with it all said and done she is floating on cloud 9!

Click the link to read her review.

Best Review Yet!



Makeup provided by Elizabeth Moreno




I always recommend women bring something of his to the shoot…













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My Best Meal Yet….. Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeno and Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

As a photographer I spend a lot of time prepping things before I photograph them.  So naturally I have become more conscious of the details that are everywhere.  Now back to the topic.  Food and cooking.  I love to eat and I love to cook.  Even better yet, I can photograph what I cook before I eat it, and all of the sudden I have food photography.  So why not make everything I cook not only taste delicious but look amazing too.  Now I don’t have all day to slave away in my kitchen and I certainly don’t want to do 100 dishes after every meal.  So I am going to walk you through my latest dish.  Jalapeno and cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chicken!  It was amazing as it sounds :-).  I served it with maple and brown sugar beans, yellow sweet corn, and skillet potatoes.  But the chicken itself was fun and easy to make.

I started by butterflying the chicken breast.  Basically slicing the widest part of it almost all the way through so that you can open it up.  I then cut the ends off and butterflied those pieces as well.  I added Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning, jarred jalapeno’s, and cream cheese into the middle of sliced chicken.  Then wrapped it together like a taco and used the end pieces to close off the top! Now bring on the BACON… Make sure your oven is pre-heated to 350 and set timer for 35min.  Put olive oil in glass baking dish and line with bacon.  Place the stuffed chicken on top of the bacon and then wrap bacon around the chicken.  I didn’t use any tooth picks to hold it together, the olive oil did the trick.  I added a little more seasoning on top and then through it in the oven.  I turned one breast of chicken into two wrapped and stuffed pieces.  after baking for 35 min I increased the temp. to 450 and put it back in for 30 min.  The chicken will turn white and bacon should look fully cooked when you pull it out of oven.

I had a lot of fun with this dish and really impressed myself at the same time.  My room mate and eye thouroughly enjoyed our meal and I hope you do as well!

I am having problems posting the picture of this item unfortunately.  Photo to come

Boudoir Photography Special

The best way to spice up Father’s Day for your Husband!Image

I have just finished my new boudoir room in Hollywood, Ca.  For the last two years I have been shooting Boudoir in Santa Barbara for a variety of clients.  These intimate boudoir books make the best gifts for any special occasion.  I have created: Valentine’s Day books, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, and the Wedding Night! Why not treat your husband for Father’s Day too.

A Boudoir Session is a very personal thing and can be a little overwhelming to think about.  I make the entire process stress free and fun!  Clients have told me it was better than a day at the spa.  It is a chance to get yourself all dolled up.  I provide full hair and makeup, champagne and fruit, props and accessories, so that all you have to bring is a few pieces of lingerie and your husbands favorite jersey, button down, and tie! The session takes about two hours. We create a set of images to put into the custom hardcover book that you give him for Father’s Day.   If this sounds like something your interested in, please don’t hesitate to call and ask me questions.  Visit my website http://www.kaylinmaephoto.com to look through my entire gallery of Boudoir images.  The Boudoir Special that I am running includes everything if booked by May 30, 2012.  Call Today! 323.929.3969

What I do and Why I do it!

There are photographers all over the world.  If anything people are saying their is an over abundance of photographers.  So why would an intelligent young adult knowingly go into the field and expect to succeed as a photographer?  I’m going to explain my theory on that and maybe it will inspire you to do something you dream about and are passionate about, but counted out because someone said it would be too hard, or that there are already too many people doing it.  Originality has been a topic of discussion in many fields for years now.  Is there still original music that isn’t inspired by past artists?  Are there photography techniques and styles still yet to be discovered?  Regardless what the answer really is people have to keep trying.  College is expensive! So if you have the opportunity to go to a place of higher education how do you decide what to go for?  Regardless if your parents are paying, your depending on loans, or are going to work your way through the tuition bills it is still putting a burden on you or someone close to you.  And the day you graduate should be the happiest day of your life, you now get to take all the knowledge, insight, and direction that you have been given and implement it into a career you are proud of.  So why would you pursue an education in something your not in love with.  Just because you are smart, good at math, or able to speak multiple languages doesn’t mean you should go into a field specific to those things.  You can use them as assets in a field that you are actually interested in.  College is a learning experience so try something you’ve dreamed about and use everything you already know to broaden your base.  So what I do and Why I do it!  I fell in love with photography in my high school photography classes.  I was an A-B student good at just about everything, but I really enjoyed the work I did in my photo classes.  When it came time to answer the question to Mom and Dad “What are you going to college to study?” I responded with the truth.  “If you guys want me to help pay for my education then I am going to pursue photography!  It makes me happy, keeps me motivated, is constantly growing and changing, and would be something that I would have to work really hard to stand out in.” They were reluctant and to this day still are, but they are so proud that I am following my dreams and entering a field that I will be happy getting up everyday to go to work.  We are in a society of two kinds of people, those who are working to live, and those that are not living to work.  When work becomes fun or at least something you enjoy the line blurs and life becomes enjoyable.  Take pride in what you do.  Everyone gets to decide what they study and explore.  Make it something you are proud of.

Hello world! Who am I and What am I doing here?

Blogging is new to me.  I have been reading them for years and following things that interest, inspire, and guide me in the directions I am headed.  Now I want to be a part of the sharing.  I have been jotting notes down for some time now about different topics I want to blog about.  This is my first post, a chance to express my purpose, goals, and ideas for this outlet of creativity.  I want this stuff to be fun to read, helpful in everyday lives, and pertinent to what I do.  Good question, What do you do?  I am a photographer, and I know there are a lot of us out there, but we are all unique in our own way.  I  have a background in competitive acrobatics and dance; which will always be a part of my life and something I hope to photograph and write about.  I am a fully trained restaurant cook, with experience in multiple commercial kitchens and on-set food photography.  Meaning I cook a lot, and create some very unique delicious dishes that I want to share with everyone.  I do not enjoy lots of dishes nor do I have a lot of time.  I am thinking of articles on one dish meals, how to have lunch in ten minutes, and flavorful cooking with limited calories.  I would love to be a food critic, I really enjoy food and the process of eating in a restaurant.  Anyway back to the point.  I will also give my thoughts and ideas on movies, and articles that I find interesting to life and the developments of change our generation is seeing.  I am relatively young in the big picture, but I am intelligent, motivated, and creative.  Autonomy, mastery, and purpose; the business model for business that didn’t exist when the previous models of business were created.  Something interesting to think about.  So yes I am a photographer! I love what I do more and more everyday. I am constantly motivated to learn and now I am prepared to share.